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Greetings from Chief Director, Japan Cytometry Society


Two societies, the Society for the Study of Flow Cytometry (FCM) & Cell Biology and Kansai Flow Cytometry Research Society decided to unify them as one society in order to proceed/expand the same field of FCM study in 1990. At that time, the Japan Cytometry Society, which was not restricted to conventional flow cytometry, was established as a society which broadly carried out studies on measurement cytology. In those days, the research in the field of FCM was in its golden age. An Annual Meeting of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) was held every year, and many Japanese members participated these annual meetings. Fortunately, in 2001, there was an opportunity to unify our society with the Cancer DNA Society which shared the same goals and ambitions. Thereafter, the Japan Cytometry Society was finally established as the leading society for the study of measurement cytology in Japan.

The progress of measurement cytology has been particularly remarkable, it has become increasingly easier for researchers/doctors to obtain evaluable data using FCM in the fields of both research and clinical medicine. Obtaining such data has now become much easier and more convenient in comparison to the days when axis alignment was required. However, it was still difficult for FCM to provide findings with high reliability. Therefore, in cooperation with the various societies (Japanese Association of Medical Technologists, Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology, Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine, College of Laboratory Medicine of Japan, and The Japanese Society for Laboratory Hematology) in related fields, we lanched the “Japan Committee for Certified Cytometrists” in 2000 and also established the “Japan Cytometry Engineer Authorization System (Certified Cytometrist). Accordingly, it is now possible to obtain patient’s FCM data after it has been checked by authorized engineers at a hospital. Recently, the above-mentioned authorization system has widely been accepted, and a large number of laboratory technicians have now received such certifications. Therefore, certified cytometrists, who are working in individual hospitals, are now treated as specialists. In addition, our society has also joined the authorized laboratory technician system and plans to cooperate closely with it in the future.

Our society developed in line with the continual progress that has been achieved in the field of measurement cytology. Recently, the numbers of researchers, medical doctors and laboratory technicians in the fields of immunology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine/therapy, who regularly participate our annual meeting, has been increased. In addition, at company displays which are set up during our annual meetings, our society provides the valuable information about new products that have been developed for flow cytometry devices and FCM-related reagents for the support of all members/participants. It is well-known that a cytometry technology has greatly contributed to the development of basic medicine, especially in the fields of cell biology, cellular therapy, immune cell therapy and cell transplantation. This society was made a corporation in 2016. As a result, the social responsibility that is held by this society also continues to grow increasingly bigger. Through the development of FCM devices, applied technologies and the methodologies, our society will continue to positively contribute to the future development of the life sciences in Japan as well as in the world.

I would like to ask all society members for your encouragement and support.

June 1, 2019

Prof. Dr. Shosaku Nomura
Chief Director, Japan Cytometry Society




1990年にFCM・Cell Biology研究会と関西フローサイトメトリー研究会が一つの学会として統一されました。その際、従来のフローサイトメトリーにこだわらず、細胞の持つ特性を計量的に研究し、医科学に役立てる事を目的に、広く計量細胞学を研究する学会として、「日本サイトメトリー学会」が誕生致しました。これらの時期はサイトメトリー研究の最盛期であり、国際的にはthe International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC)のMeetingがあり、この学会にも日本から多くのメンバーが参加されておりました。その後、幸いなことに、2001年には、志を同じくする癌DNA研究会との統一の機会を頂き、日本の計量細胞学の大元締めとして発展の基礎が完成致しました。




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